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Own production

We travel many thousands of kilometers to get the most beautiful and best logs which are felled during the main season.  Through direct or indirect supply,  our yearly demand on logs must be dealt wthin the time between October and April. The transport to the veneer mill is done by truck or railway. In the veneer mill the logs are rhen debarked, cross cutted, steamed and prepared to be sliced or rotary cut. Smaller logs are often used up in staylog.

log sale  transport by railway  transport by road loading of containers waxing of load irregating of load preparation of cross-cutting first knowledge debarking  ripping  log band saw  ripped  second knowledge first outlines of figured texture preparation for steam pit atmittance to steam pit cleaned  slicing  heart ripping or quarter cut first veneer sheets staylog preparation for rotary cut  carving  rotary cutting  tools sharpening air drying  entry to channel drying exit from channel drying square edging  pressing / ironing bundling  meassuring  lumber 
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