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Veneers as far as you can see 

Firma The company Rothbucher Furniere was founded in 1986 by Herbert Rothbucher here in Edling, German. Herbert Rothbucher was grown up with Veneer. From a Infancy an he had Veneer between his hands. This means he has a terrify wide margin in the Veneerbusiness. Rothbucher Veneer´s is speeking the same Language as the Veneer Experts.

1986 , Herbert Rothbucher founded the company Rothbucher Furniere in Edling as a sale owner. The company´s steady growth reaching a yearly turn-over of currently 1,8 million square meters of veneer.

1991 the limited company was founded. 1996 move to the new and current premise. 1998 the 2 companies Rothbucher Furniere Ltd. Edling and Rothbucher Ltd. Deggendorf merged 2002 closing of its subsidiary.

all the above mentioned events we think have made us truly producers of veneer with  heart and soul .

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