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The eyes of the expert help to establish if there is a need either to book match, to slip match or to mix match the veneer. The uniqueness and versatility of veneer is shown in every individual product and used in all areas such as the living-room-, the kitchen-. wood and floor paneling, all interior designs, office furnitures, bed room, and stairs or doors. With an ever greater demand to an individual lifestyle and an increasing awareness of environmental sensitive issues, the use of veneer is currentliy living in a period of renaissance.

For very similar reasons, already 3500 years ago the Egyptians developes the technology to produce veneer and were looking for further development. There are a multitude of wood species of different origins, figured textures and colours available today, which are manufactured into refined and ennobled forms of veneer through a highly specialized procedure. And that multitude of use highlights the strenght if veneer, when craft and design is hamonized and inspired by those allmost boundless opportunities resulting into unique end products.

A product of quality of nature row material, sometimes with knots, pips, burls, figured textures, minerals and gum.
There are no synthetic copies.


The following sites are an overview ti give you a general idea about the various uses of veneer. 

Exlusive to Back Wall

Wardrobe  Side-,Coffee- &
Dinning table 
Ceiling  Shelves 

Domestic to Exotic

Business Table  Wall paneling  Window  Door 
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